Eli DeGeer - Emily Stevens
Mother and victim of domestic violence....


Ana Rojas-Plumberg - Eden Stevens
Emily's Daughter


Emily and Eden are on the run from a nightmare situation, abused both physically and mentally.  They finally gather the strength to leave the volatile situation only to run into something.... even worse.


Eli DeGeer Credits:

Dreaming Purple Neon, Empire State of the Dead, China White Serpentine


Ana Rojas-Plumberg Credits:

Dreaming Purple Neon


Millie Milan - Tina Roberts


Credits Include:

House of Forbidden Secrets

Dreaming Purple Neon

Tipping Point



Linnea Quigley - Suzy Reed


Credits include:

Return of the Living Dead

Night of the Demons

Silent Night, Deadly Night

Pumpkinhead 2


Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

Beach Babes From Beyond


Vice Academy

Nightmare Sisters


Dilynn Fawn Harvey - Lucy Carpenter


Credits include:

Dreaming Purple Neon

The Muse

Sleep Study

The Crawler



Douglas Epps - Coen Anders


Credits Include:

Dreaming Purple Neon

Zombie Rampage 2


Gary Warner Kent - Rhett Tanner

Emily's Father and Eden's Grandfather.


Credits Include:

Bubba Ho-Tep

Satan's Sadists

Schoolgirls In Chains

The Forest


Angels Wild Women

Dracula Vs. Frankenstein 

Aaron Brazier - Porter Stevens

Emily's abusive husband... a real MONSTER


Credits Include:

Dreaming Purple Neon





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