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John O'Hara was the ONLY choice for BIG RONNIE, the terrifying leader of the gang of bloodthirsty Clowns in CLOWNADO.  John is known in the Midwest for his DIY News and has also been in SPIRITS and SLEEPLESS NIGHTS.  His performance is a true highlight of the film!

Rachel Lagen impressed director Todd Sheets enough in her small role during DREAMING PURPLE NEON that he had her in mind while writing the part of SAVANNAH DANE in CLOWNADO. 

Bobby Westrick worked with director Todd Sheets in the beginning of his career, doing movies such as GOBLIN, ZOMBIE RAMPAGE and THE 13th FLOOR.  This is a true reunion as he has returned 20 years later to do CLOWNADO as the awesome HUNTER FIDELIS.

Antwoine Steele has starred in many of Director Todd Sheets' film productions over the years, as well as many film and TV projects.  His TV work includes Las Vegas and Prison Break.  Antwoine stars as DION LIVINGSTON  in CLOWNADO.

Dilynn Fawn Harvey is a real Scream Queen in Extreme Entertainment, having starred in films like Bonehill Road, Dreaming Purple Neon and Hi-Death.  She brings a sexy, raw and exciting edge to BAMBI FAWN TAYLOR, the stripper with a heart of gold.


Sierra Stodden is new to the movie world, but she comes from a long line of Extreme Entertainment actors and actresses.  Her father, Nick Stodden did several films for director Todd Sheets in the 90s and beyond.  She brings a fresh energy to the part of RACHEL CARPENTER.

Jeanne Silver truly was the Queen of the Drive Ins in the late 70s, scoring a huge hit with the controversial "Long Jeanne Silver."  Jeanne brings energy and attitude to the character AUTUMN MOONSPELL, the Gypsy Witch best friend of Savannah.  She is also the one responsible for the CLOWNADO!
Millie Milan is the character of  MOLLY in CLOWNADO.  Her attention to detail, amazing expressions and natural acting style are perfect for the part.
Jeremy Todd paid his dues as a werewolf in the recent Indie-Horror hit film Bonehill Road.  In CLOWNADO he plays CHRIS RICE, a storm chaser with a sarcastic sense of humor and an attitude of NO FEAR!!!
Joel D Wynkoop is known as the King of the Bs!  He always brings 100% to every role he plays.  Known for the Cult Hit film "TRUTH OR DARE," Joel brings an emotional intensity to the part of "HURRICANE" MEMPHIS HAWK.
Jack McCord has been a fan favorite since his portrayal of Cyrus Archer in the Cult Hit DREAMING PURPLE NEON.  He brings his years of experience on stage and screen to the part of SHERIFF MORGAN.
Linnea Quigley is true Horror royalty.  The Queen of ALL Scream Queens, a fan favorite known for films such as RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, CREEPOZOIDS and hundreds more.  She is reprising a fan favorite role in this movie, the part f SPIDER as a dedication to director David DeCoteau.
Eileen Dietz gave America nightmares for decades in THE EXORCIST and has been working ever since.  She brings a true joy to the set and to the movie and plays the part of the Diner owner, CHRISTINE.... named after a famoud car that you may hjave heard about.

SATCHEL is by far the most demented and deadly of all the Clowns.  And she has several surprises in store for her victims!!!  Bringing Satchel to horrifying life is Cayt Feinics.  Cayt is Tampa, Florida's reigning Queen of Indie Horror, with past credits including DEATHSCORT SERVICE, CHAOS A.D. and CANNIBAL CLAUS.
Nate "Karny" Cole was born to be CHUCKLES, having worked for several years doing a similar character in 3rd Street Asylum Haunted House.  Nate had worked on the film Bonehill Road on the Creature Crew as well.
Eric "Danger" Dionne has been a part of the Tampa film scene for years, doing projects such as  WRESTLE MASSACRE,  CHAOS A.D. and TRUTH OR DARE 5.  Eric brings BOPPO to twisted life in CLOWNADO, !
Jeffrey White brings over-the-top craziness to SHRINKY DINK, a true ravenous terror!!! 
A real creeper that gets UNDER your skin, WIZZO is played by Micah Dillinger.  Micah is involved in various film projects in and around the Kansas City area.