Jeremy Michael Edwards as DALLAS - Our hero of the film.


Eli DeGeer as DENISE.  She is Dallas' true love and the heroine of the film.


Grant Conrad is CHRIS.  He is Dallas' Best Friend.


Millie Milan is CATRIONA, Denise's Best Friend and the one who starts all the trouble in our story.

Ricky Farr is TYRONE KANE.  He is a drug dealer, a cold blooded killer, and he is hot on the trail of Catriona, putting everyone in danger!


Antwoine Steele is RAY RAY, Tyrone Kane's Right hand Man.  A dangerous individual who will shoot first and then ask questions. 


Nick Randall is DR. SOLOMAN CLARK, Dentist, All around nice guy and Demon Ass Kicker!!!  Soloman is Denise's boss and gets stuck in a mess when Catriona brings trouble to his life!


Jack McCord is CYRUS ARCHER, the diabolical villain of our story.  Cyrus not only created Purple Neon, but has a devlish plan to enslave the population and bring demons to Earth!


Jolene Loftin is MRS. DONOVAN.  She is trapped with her daughter April in a mess at the Dentist Office!


Ana Plumberg is APRIL DONOVAN, a young girl caught in the chaos!


Daniel Bell is JERRY, the caretaker possessed by pure Evil.  Loyal only to Cyrus Archer, Jerry will do anything to insure that the plan is a success.


Jodie Nelles is THE DEMONESS.  An evil force straight from the pits of Hell using a human body as a vessel while on Earth.  Creator of Chaos and bringer of the Demon Queen.


Dilynn Fawn Harvey is ABADDON, THE QUEEN OF HELL, brought to Earth to bring about the destruction of mankind!


Stacy Weible is BEVERLY, the receptionist with a heart of gold.  Caught in a trap and she cannot get out!


Rachel Lagen is JODIE, a street hustler and all around bad girl from the wrong side of the tracks, but she meets her match when she is abucted by Tyrone Kane.

Glenn Tee is WILLIE GREEN, a troubled soul who works for Tyrone Kane and comes face to face with True Evil!!!!










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