Violent New Breed   B+  -  Flipside Movie Emporium

Review by Michael B. Scrutchin

Violent New Breed is what these micro-budget shot-on-video horror flicks should be all about. From the atmospheric, quirky opening to the silly but satisfying ending, Violent New Breed is a fun ride, full of gory violence and welcome gobs of nudity.

The movie focuses on a cop named Jack (Mark Glover) who's up against a gang of evil demons called the "Breeders," who are intent on taking over the world by using a hallucinogenic drug to enslave the humans. This is coming from writer-director Todd Sheets, so expect lots of extreme violence. Unlike some of his peers, though, Sheets knows how to keep the story moving along at a brisk pace and maintain interest all the way through.

The main characters are likable and have some depth (unlike the cardboard cutouts usually seen in the realm of micro-budget horror). There's some drama, too, involving Jack's ex-wife trying to prevent him from seeing their daughter (Rebecca Rose) ever again -- but the mother is really screwing the leader of the Breeders. After Jack's ex-wife calls him and says he's never going to see his daughter again, he becomes suicidal. There's a stunning -- and very bloody -- sequence in which Jack attempts to slit his wrists in the bathtub, but the outcome is entirely unexpected.

The inspired script has a few cool twists, and you can't help but get involved in the action. Sheets and company must have had a great time making this one. Some of the digital effects look pretty laughable, but that only adds to the low-budget charm.

If you're a B-movie fan, Violent New Breed is a ride worth taking. It's very ambitious, with a huge cast of Breeders and countless human victims. If you have a weak stomach, you might wanna pass because you'll be subjected to things like heads splitting open to release blood-sucking slugs, satanic orgies with demons screwing human women, tentacles bursting through stomachs, and a very gruesome birth. If you're familiar with Todd Sheets (whose extensive list of credits include Bloodthirsty Cannibal Demons, Zombie Bloodbath 1 and 2, Moonchild, and Dead Things), you know the joy he takes in extreme close-ups of violence and gore, and he doesn't hold back here. And in this movie, not even little kids are spared. Sheets has balls, I tell ya.

There's a cool Hitchcockian twist about an hour into the flick, but I won't give it away. There's a kick-ass chase scene and even drive-in legend Rudy Ray Moore in his first-ever horror film role (as a kung-fu fighting reverend, in fact)! At an hour and fifty-four minutes in length, it's a little long, but that's not such a bad thing. If you're new to the world of shot-on-video horror flicks, this would be a great place to start.

Review published 02.04.2000.

ZOMBIE BLOODBATH 2 - Gates Of Gore review

Zombies has risen from the grave at an old farmhouse.

3 criminals have just escaped from prison in Kansas City and are hiding out in an old farmhouse.

Donna and her friends are heading to Donna's old stomping grounds when they start to have car trouble. While looking for refuge, they stumble upon the same farmhouse. Upon entering the farmhouse, they find more then what they bargained for.

In another part of town, 2 psychotic hicks has just stormed the local delicatessen and start to terrorize the 3 people that are in there. It's a pretty messy sight.

Meanwhile at the farmhouse, one of the convicts desecrates the scarecrow there and once he leaves, the scarecrow comes to life and raises the dead.

That's not a good thing when they run for their lives and come across the same delicatessen that the 2 psychos are holding up at.

It's now up to Donna, her friends and the convicts to try and rid themselves of these flesheaters.

What can I really say about this film? Todd Sheets has always been one of my favorite directors and he has not disappointed me yet. This film is loaded with blood and guts, which I love so much.

The acting is quite good and I thought Matt's character as one of the psychos was quite disturbing to watch. He was completely nuts and scary.

Some of the scenes were really out there also, including the one scene where one of the psychos shoots one girl in the crotch. The other was holding a video camera and taping some of the things that they were doing. I thought it was great. Also, the satanic images were quite disturbing.

The metal music was awesome too and I am never disappointed with any of the music that Todd uses for his films.

If you guys check this one out, you've got to watch the end credits because it will definately crack you up.

I recommend this film, especially if you are a fan of lots of blood and gore.


Zombie Bloodbath 2: Rage of the Undead   B- Flipside Movie Emporium

Review by Michael B. Scrutchin

A message movie from Todd Sheets? Apparently so, given the notice at the end saying this movie is ultimately about the sad, destructive state of the human race, and that it was based on real people and events. But messages aside, Zombie Bloodbath 2 is a fast-paced and extremely sickening shot-on-video gorefest that should satisfy those looking for something along the lines of Lucio Fulci with a modern, heavy metal twist.

While driving out in the middle of nowhere at night, some college kids' van breaks down. They stumble upon an old farmhouse and go inside, only to find out that three escaped convicts have already murdered the two parents of the household and were about to do away with their young daughters. The convicts decide that they're going to slaughter every last one of them -- but whadda ya know? One of the bumbling convict bastards knocks over a possessed scarecrow outside, who then rises and brings swarms of the dead back to life.

But this doesn't turn into a rehash of Night of the Living Dead with everyone cooped up inside the farmhouse fighting off the living dead. Nope, the farmhouse gang (those who get out alive, of course) escapes to a deli in the city where two psycho hicks (Jerry Angell and Matthew Jason Walsh) have already killed a poor girl (by shooting her in the crotch, no less -- which was rather shocking to say the least) and were torturing another. As you can tell, there's a lot going on in this film, and I'll just say that the action rarely (if ever) lets up.

As with many movies on such low budgets, the acting ranges from hilariously bad to surprisingly good. And with characters exchanging some very laughable dialogue --

Girl #1: "Guys, I'm getting a bad feeling."
Girl #2: "Look, Sarah, don't start freaking out on us!"
Girl #3: "No, she's right. My skin's crawling here!"

-- it makes one wonder whether you should be giggling at the B-movie badness of it all, or recoiling in shock and disgust at the carnage happening on screen. Through it all, Sheets seems to have his tongue placed firmly in cheek, winking at us while at the same time delivering a visceral, violent feast that does seem to be saying something beneath all the horror. I'd say it works for the most part, even if the movie itself it rather uneven.

As usual, Todd Sheets piles on the violence and gore with an almost patriotic glee. Bodies are ripped in half, intestines spilled, heads exploded, eyes ripped out, and you even get to see a knife stab through someone's chin up into their mouth (from an inside-the-mouth-POV nonetheless!).

The characters never really have time to develop because when they're not being tied up by escaped convicts, they're screaming and running away from flesh-eating zombies. Zombie Bloodbath 2 does pause very briefly a time or two for some "tender" moments with its terrified characters. And I'd be lying if I said my eyes didn't mist up a little at the "It's too late for me, Donna...go on, save yourself," scene near the end. Then, of course, I slapped myself, feeling embarrassed that I'd let a movie with a title like Zombie Bloodbath 2: Rage of the Undead move me -- even if only for the briefest moment.

Review published 02.11.2000

THE SHIVERS - from B-Independent


Written, Produced, and Directed by Todd Sheets

Rico Love
Antwoine Steele
Abe Dyer


I actually said "yuck" while watching this movie. Can you believe that? "Yuck"? Of all the lame things to say, "yuck."

I could handle all the people who were melting before my eyes. That was cake. But when some girl gave herself an abortion and then took a bite out of the placenta…. Yuck!

My stomach churned and I could feel the bile climb it's way through my pipes. The last movie to evoke that reaction was ROT, a twisted little movie where people contracted some sort of mega-leprosy causing them to melt before our eyes. THE SHIVERS has some similar effects, but on a much gooeier level. This movie is one nasty, over-the-top, ooze-fest.

Yuck! I can't shake that baby scene.

Some of Todd's films after THE SHIVERS have a much higher gore quotient. CATACOMBS and ZOMBIE BLOODBATH 3 are little more than excuses to frolic in blood soaked orgies of excess. Chances are if I had seen THE SHIVERS first, the reviews for those two film would have been pretty negative. Compared to the older film, those two are steps backward for a filmmaker just finding his stride. Neither one comes close to the level of THE SHIVERS. The violence here has more lasting impact.

THE SHIVERS is a better movie over all. It looks better. It sounds better. It feels better. Even Abe Dyer didn't annoy me. Hell, I even liked his character of a wheelchair-bound cripple. Deep down, I knew the guy could act. Restraint was the key after all.

Abe isn't the only Sheets staple to return. Most of the faces are familiar, even if they hide behind a bleach job or two. Some actors are obvious first timers, but their roles are limited. For the most part the main cast shines. Everyone finds just the right note to play his or her respective characters. In most cases they seem like they are just being themselves. Of an actor's quest for naturalism, that's probably the best compliment I can give.

The haunted house storyline borrows heavily from H.P. Lovecraft. Of the few films from Sheets that I've seen, they all reference the man in some way. Lovecrafts Greater Gods need enough souls to give them the strength to come to our world. A few vengeful spirits are intent on helping them do so. It's THE SHINING meets EVIL DEAD. Not a bad couple of films to emulate, eh?

Yes, THE SHIVERS is derivative of other movies. I've always thought original has been done. Todd Sheets makes horror fresh. He wants to return horror to it's heyday in the early 1980s and give people the gory goods. I'm all for it.

Zombie Bloodbath 3: Undead Armageddon   C+  -  Flipside Movie Emporium

Review by Michael B. Scrutchin

When you sit down to watch a movie directed by Todd Sheets, there's certain things you should expect:

His movies aren't perfect, but you shouldn't expect them to be. Todd Sheets is not trying to create art -- he's trying to make gory horror flicks that fans of the genre will enjoy. And, for the most part, I think he's doing just fine. Zombie Bloodbath 3 is fun yet forgettable. But -- surprise, surprise -- this one even manages to pay homage to John Hughes' teen angst "classic" The Breakfast Club.

At a high school in Anywhere USA, five students are in detention. All the stereotypes are here, including your spoiled rich bitch, the quiet girl, the gothic chick, the jock, and the rebel troublemaker. The school principal is a mean old fart who secretly lusts after the young high school girls. While these kids are in detention, two goofballs who operate the school radio station, Brian (Abe Dyer) and Skillet (Curtis Spencer), are tracking soundwaves. This leads them to an underground cave beneath the school, where they accidentally set free a horde of zombies from the future.

Huh? Zombies from the future?

Oh, yeah, right. I forgot to mention that in the before-the-credits prologue, which takes place sometime in the future, the U.S. government has been reanimating corpses for use in combat. After they're through with the zombies, they launch them into space on a cargo ship. That'll get rid of 'em. Yeah, as if. The cargo ship is sucked into a black hole and somehow winds up back in 1999 -- underneath the high school.

But none of that really matters. What matters is that Zombie Bloodbath 3 is about teenagers fighting the undead in a high school. It moves quickly and never slows down enough to become dull, but it's not as engaging as it could be, either. Maybe if there wasn't such a massive cast of characters running around, I could have found a single character to latch onto and perhaps start to care about.

But I did like Abe Dyer as Brian. This guy's just fun to watch. Every other word out of his mouth is the "F" word and he somehow manages to elevate the use of profanity to an art form. I don't think Al Pacino said "fuck" this many times in Scarface. Abe Dyer has a tendency to overact, but he's the most consistently entertaining actor on screen. I won't hold the overacting against him -- I really dig the guy, he's having fun. Curtis Spencer as his buddy Skillet is fun, too.

The gore in ZB3 is pretty by-the-numbers stuff. Zombies ripping people apart, playing with the entrails, feasting, you know, the usual. But all of the violence lacks any kind of visceral impact: it's just there. Zombie Bloodbath 2 had more shock value, but it was also far more cruel in spirit than this one, which seems to be merely intent on having fun. And judging from the bloopers and outtakes that play while the end credits roll, the cast and crew had a great time making this movie. A true love for the genre is evident while watching ZB3, and that -- while not everything -- certainly counts for something.

Review published 03.14.2001.

Zombie Bloodbath 3  -  B-Independent review

Produced, Written, and Directed by Todd Sheets

Brian - Abe Dyer
Skillet - Curtis Spencer

Todd Sheets' ZOMBIE BLOODBATH 3 is a strange film indeed. It comes across like the bastard lovechild of Dawn of the Dead and The Breakfast Club. Two-dimensional, teenage stereotypes serving time in detention do battle with the living dead. Under normal circumstances I don't think I would have much cared for ZB3, but it's done with such gung-ho bravado, and an obvious true love for the genre, that you can't help but to find it fun.

The film opens in the not-to-distant future with a military unit wrangling the last remnants of a herd of wild zombies and preparing them for the great cattledrive into outerspace. Somewhere near Pluto, the ship folds time and ends up back on Earth. I don't know if this was supposed to be sometime in the past, or if is it present day, the time shift sub-plot was a little confusing and needed to be fleshed out. The ship conveniently lands under the high school of the man who will eventually give birth to the zombie plague. It turns out the guy is nothing more than a foul-mouthed, little, high school punk who desperately needs his mouth washed out with some Lifeboy.

I don't think I ever remember hearing the "F" word volleyed around as much as it is in ZB3, not even when I was a Cub Scout. Man, I even picked up a few new uses. The word eventually takes on a Shakespearean quality, it has a rhythm and life all its own. The word flows from the character's mouths so freely that I wonder if the actors even realized they were using it. It becomes more commonly used than "the." Profanity should be used to punctuate or accentuate the scene. It should never substitute for real dialogue. That's screenwriting rule number 1. Then again this isn't a movie that plays by the rules.

The modern horror film is one grounded in paint-by-numbers logic. Even my eight-year-old nephew can pick out who will live and die, and usually the tyke can do it within the first five minutes. You can't do that with a Todd Sheets film, the guy keeps you guessing. There is no rhyme or reason to who lives or dies. Characters are killed at random; even those we are led to believe are the heroes. All formulas are cast aside and replaced by anarchy. .

None of what I've said until now really matters. The point of a Todd Sheets movie is to entertain and deliver serious gore. If you want good acting then watch SEX, LIES, and VIDEOTAPE. If you want top-notch direction then watch TRAFFIC. If you want a stomach-churning amount of blood and guts, then watch ZOMBIE BLOODBATH 3. It's one of those rare films that lives up to its title, ZB3 is a true dripping wet splatter-fest. A gore hound couldn't ask for a more fun way to get their fix.

You can find out more on ZB3 by going to Extreme Entertainment.

CATACOMBS  -  B-Independent Reviews

Written, Produced, and Directed by Todd Sheets

The Face - Mike Gordon

Todd Sheets is one sick bastard, and I mean that lovingly. For years the man has prided himself on being a leader in the extreme horror movement. With his latest film CATACOMBS, Sheets pay homage to a one of his primary influences, H.P. Lovecraft. Unlike Lovecraft, Sheets has all the subtlety of an LAPD traffic cop. This movie is in your face for the full 90 minutes. Sheets beats the viewers over the head mercilessly with one grotesque image after another. There is a disembowelment by demon-penis-impalement that I guarantee will be one of the sickest things you will every lay your eyes upon. A man with a vision like Sheets ought to be committed.

The film opens with 10 people brought together to participate in an experiment on fear. Who they are doesn't really matter, by the end most will be dead. I don't feel I'm giving anything away by telling you this. The sad thing about modern horror films is that the most interesting characters seem to be the villains. They are much more fleshed out and well rounded than the protagonists, the very ones we as viewers are intended to care for and sympathize. Unless the audience can connect with the characters on some emotional level, there will be no scares. Unfortunately, CATACOMBS is a prime example. By the end of the film you don't remember a single character's name, just the way in which they died. Could it be that Todd is more interested in the shock value of the acts themselves rather than? Well, the man is into the extreme isn't he?

The slaughter-fodder…er…I mean cast, is comprised of Sheets' stable of local Kansas City regulars. Some were blessed with the ability to act. Some were blessed the ability to over act. That doesn't matter, in 90 minutes there won't be many of them left. Sheets has the good sense to kill off the dead wood early on, with the exception of an annoying Silent Bob wanna-be. I wanted to take the pic-ax to this guy myself. Of this bunch, all we need to know is that they are all some sort of local horror experts. The only character development is given within the first 10 minutes, during a round robin session everyone shares his or her name and specialty. At first I thought I had thrown in my old AA videos.

A local college professor, named West, who wants to examine the causes of fear and peoples reactions to it, brings the group together. His goal is to eventually be able to help cure phobias. By locking everyone in a Halloween haunted house attraction, West believes that erotic horror webmistresses and scream queens can offer insight into the human psyche. Who wants to notify Noble first?

This brings us to our killer. The Face, played by Mike Gordon, is evil personified. Sleeking in and out of shadows, he's like a Black Panther stalking its prey. Slow and easy until it's time to feed. When he pounces, it's savage and messy. There is no rhyme or reason to his madness, just pure bloodlust. He's the most basic of all characters in terms of plot purposes, but The Face is the most complex character in terms of depth. A subservient being who needs to dominate those around him in an effort to break his yoke.

The final character of the film is the location itself. With the possible exception of those Disneyworld holiday specials, CATACOMBS is one of the longest commercials ever made. CATACOMBS is named after the Haunted House in Kansas City, MO, where the movie was filmed. All the set pieces and house lightening figure prominently into setting the atmosphere and tone. At times, it's the sets that add the punchlines to kill scenes, bringing much needed irony and black humor. Without the lightheartedness, I probably wouldn't have had the stomach to make it through till the end.

If you like your horror filled with gore, CATACOMBS will deliver the goods in spades. This movie ain't for the weak of heart!

Catacombs   C  -  Flipside Movie Emporium

Review by Michael B. Scrutchin

This is one sick movie. But it's a Todd Sheets film, so that's no surprise. After all, here's a filmmaker who killed off a barely teenage girl by having a sicko hick shoot her between the legs (witness the carnage of Zombie Bloodbath 2). Todd Sheets doesn't pull any punches. He would probably laugh if you referred to I Know What You Did Last Summer as a horror film. I respect his attitude. He's not trying to make movies that will win Oscars -- he's a horror fan trying to make movies that he and other like-minded horror fans will have fun watching. And while Catacombs has its moments, it never quite achieves that level of nasty fun it aspires to.

In the movie, a handful of easily disposable characters are brought together at a haunted house attraction in Kansas City, Missouri called Catacombs. A university professor (Ari Bavel) is doing a study in fear and has rounded up a group of young locals for a weekend lock-in to discover what really arouses fear and perhaps find ways to help people deal with phobias. Whatever. The setup is just an excuse to get ten characters locked inside this place so a psycho-killer in a white mask can knock them off one by one.

And believe me, it gets nasty really quick.

There's plenty of sickening disembowelments, a death by electrocution, and a demon-penis episode (uh, don't ask) that might bring you close to losing your lunch. The killer (Mike Gordon) even vomits on one of his victims -- for a long time, it just keeps gushing out -- and that's the scene that turned my stomach the most. There's just something about watching someone vomit that makes me more sick than the goriest disemboweling ever could. That said, Todd Sheets is having a lot of fun slinging all this gore around.  Abe Dyer, as the white-but-wanna-be-black Kevin, is an absolute riot, just as he was in Todd Sheets's Zombie Bloodbath 3. Though it's possible that some people might find Dyer's overacting a little annoying, I really dig that guy. He's a goofball, but he's funny. The rest of the characters include a horny webmistress, a scream queen, a couple of ass-kicking horror actors, and a hyperactive kid who's had way too much caffeine (dude, we know Waxwork "fucking kicked ass," calm down).

I must admit, though, there is at least one sequence in Catacombs that's kinda nerve jangling in a fun way. After the kids break up into groups (but of course) to explore the place, a blonde girl (Jen Davis, very good here) is separated from the two guys she was with. She starts getting scared, calling out for them while wandering through the dark, creepy corridors, until she winds up being silently stalked by the killer. That sequence alone has more queasy tension packed into it than all of the gore scenes combined.

But what's this? It seems that Todd Sheets has recently completed production on a comedy called Say It Again, described as a cross between John Hughes and Kevin Smith. A Todd Sheets movie with no gore? This I gotta see.

Review published 05.21.2001.


Dead Things -
Directed by Todd Sheets

This Action/Horror hybrid is ambitious and entertaining, but more money would have done the filmmakers a bunch of good. The story is basically some Tarantino-inspired thugs and a the local law that catch them get wrapped up in some crazy stuff when they run into a backwoods family that would make Charlie Manson proud. It's like Chainsaw Massacre all over again until the crazy ending with monsters and some strange angel of death guy who rises from a hole in the church wall. The family is hilarious, with all the members being funny and having their own different characters. The crooks and the lawmen are less established, but still don't distract from the overall fun. I wasn't sure what to expect next. This movie goes all over the place. Quality varies from scene to scene, but don't expect Hollywood style movies here and just get into the story and enjoy the sleaze of it all. I think it's worth the $19.95 I paid and is really good if you find it for rent at your local video store. Bring a bucket for the gore scenes!
Strong language and gory violence. - Bruce Jenkins
Fantasma Magazine and IMDB

Vampire Holocaust - 1997 - 80 Minutes - rated: 5
In a perfect world, this movie would be at drive-ins across the country raking in big dollars for a great poster and ad campaign and a great title. And like those flicks of old, the movie itself would never live up to the hype. Not that it's the worst movie made... actually it is pretty darn entertaining in that old drive-in sorta way. What it lacks is any real STYLE. Director Shane Hatfield gives absolutely no direction to his characters. One dimensional and cardboard as they can get, these characters are just food for the ever-growing vampire population of a town that could be "Anytown USA." there are some good touches here and there: The computer effects at the finale, the action-packed scene in a video store where one of the main characters is pulled back onto himself and snaps in half as the "Uncle" character gets his hand whacked in a paper cutter and last, one poor girl is pounced on by a sexy black vampire queen and eaten alive. Great sequence. As a matter of fact, it looks like it could have been done by another director!

And that is the film's real weak link... it is uneven and episodic. The musical score is "spooky" synth stuff that never creates much action and the pace is at times dull and at times frantic. When it moves, this little movie really works... If only they could keep Mr. Hatfield awake for more of the film. The gore is actually restrained compared to Producer Todd Sheets' other efforts, and I for one actually missed the gallons of red stuff. I'd say check out "Zombie Bloodbath 2" for your low budget splatter Sheets fix and pass this Holocaust by.
- Gore Gazette


Zombie Bloodbath - 1993 - P/D/S - Todd Sheets
This gore flick features girl gang street fights, heavy metal music, a NOTLD-styled attack on a house, melting people, gut puking, gut minching in a video store and 850 locals as slow moving zombies shuffling through Kansas City. A WW2 vet and three kids fight to survive in a closed nuke plant and as one person says "This sounds like a trashy zombie flick to me, not reality!" Lots of local publicity was generated and there was a huge theatrical premiere (!) that sold out in Independence, MO!
- Psychotronic Video Magazine


Unrated version, 1993, Asylum Home Video
THE PARTY MOVIE HAS ARRIVED!!! This is one sick-asses bloodbath! For once, the title says all in this zero budget effort from director Todd Sheets. H.G. Lewis has NOTHIN' on this guy!! I want to meet him and shake his hand for making my girlfriend barf!

The story is about a nuclear plant that melts down and all the workers and people nearby get turned into half-melted zombies. The government cleans up the place and sells the land. A new housing project is opened and it's first tenants stumble on the secret and before you can get any more plot, Blood splatters as the zombie are unleashed! The gore is fast and furious!

We got one guy who gets his entrails ripped out of his ass then pukes out the rest of 'em, a chick gets gutted and eaten alive, Another biker chick gets her face ripped off and eyes popped out and squished, a big dude gets hi heart removed and in a true showstopper, one guy gets pulled in half and eaten! There's so much gore in this that next to Dead Alive, it's the grossest movie ever made that I know of! For people like me that love Italian cannibal zombie movies that think the gore should go on forever! Todd has stated this was his "homage" to those films and he has done a great job!
Buy some pizza and beer and call everyone up and pop in this flick! You will have the best time ever laughing, screaming and gagging at the sheer insanity that is ZOMBIE BLOODBATH.
- Eric Cline, The Independent News

Nightmare Asylum - Cinema Home Video 1991
P/D/S/Music - Todd Sheets -
A girl (Lori Hassle) finds herself trapped in a building (an actual amusement park type "haunted house" with lots of Horror props) where hyper psychos yell, fight, dance, sing and dismember everyone in sight! A mummy, a wolfman and zombies show up and there's lots of gore. There's no story, the acting is terrible and nearly everyone has long bad haircuts, but at least something is always happening and it's surprisingly entertaining. One part brought to mind the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and I liked the zombie in the giant mouse trap. David Decoteau (Puppet Master 3) was the executive producer.
- Psychotronic Video Guide

Vampire Holocaust: Rated R (?) / 85 Min / Horror-Comedy/Englewood Entertainment
OK, I know it's cheezy and pretty dumb, but I really had a good time with this crazy movie! I couldn't tell you what every bit of the plot is because I was laughing too hard through some of the dialog. This is a seven-beer movie for sure. Some kids get mixed up with a gang and both have to quit fighting each other and team up to defeat a group of vampires that have taken over their town. I don't know why the vampires are in the town, but I think the gang brought them back to life by accident. Out of all five movies we rented, this was the most fun. If you're in the mood for gory cheeze, try this one out! It's a good party tape! By Scott Winant (Cult Flicks)



Horror / 2 Hours
Rated R ????

If blood, action, explosions, slime, big tits and demons are your bag, this epic is for you! Director Todd Sheets fills this movie with enough ideas and action to fill three films!!! Demons from Hell are taking over New York City and mating with women creating half-demons called "New Breed." The cops have set up a "Breeder Squad" with some tough cops to stop the demons. There's sub-plots and dream sequences, but none of that matters. The bottom line is that VIOLENT NEW BREED gives us the action we want, the gore we crave and the tits we love all wrapped in a nice package.  I was surprised by the amount of nudity (amazing tits in this thing) and how well crafted this 2 hour epic really is.  Thought I'd be hitti8ng the remote to zoom through a running time this long, but I never wanted to reach for it.  Not once.

Good production values, good acting and best of all, Drive-In legend RUDY RAY MOORE!!!! Yow!!! It gave me a bad 70's flashback and I was proud. Todd, good job! Quentin Tarantino would adore this movie.  Period.
- Dr. Macabre "Nightmare Theater"

Zombie Bloodbath 2
Director Todd Sheets
Starring: Kathleen McSweeney, Dave Miller, Nick Stodden, Jerry Angell, Matthew Jason Walsh
Genre: Horror / Adventure
Numb. I am actually numb. This crazy film left me numb. Overkill is am understatement. This thing grabs you by the back of the head and forces you to watch the insanity. It is compelling, entertaining, exciting and at the same time, utterly revolting!!! I cannot quite describe the complex plot, but Fugitives escape from a prison, Serial Killers capture innocent people, College kids break down on a road trip and everyone ends up together fighting the undead and some creepy scarecrow. Parts of the film gave me a really uneasy feeling. The use of Black & White film is gritty and unnerving, keeping the tone realistic and on the edge. One guy gets his eyeballs plucked out and then his eye sockets are used to remove the brains. Kind of like watching two straight hours of FUSE TV metal videos or something.  I plan on buying Part 3 pretty soon.  Makes me wonder how they are going to top this one.  Stay clear of food and put this one in the VCR.  Zombies rip everyone up, tear a guy in half, melt into piles of goo, etc. It is sick. But you cannot stop watching. Great camera work, good production, crazy sound design, cool music and effective gore. 7 stars.

Reviewed by: Helen Sarlui for Teen Girls At The Movies

Vampire Holocaust - unrated
Directed by Shane Hatfield
I was not expecting much and I got that and more in this one. Being a huge vampire fan, I expected something familiar to me, but these vampires are more like zombies. Also, the lead vampire is disguised as a serial killer (?) and befriends some group of humans that should have been killed a half hour into the movie and saved us all. What surprises me is how entertaining this hodgepodge of genre cliches is! Like a bad Troma movie, or a USA Up All Night classic, this one actually makes me laugh out loud and we had a great time. Buy beer. Lot's of beer. Buy Pizza. Watch it with friends who are half-drunk. I liked the ending because it was over. As a vampire movie, it sucks. As a campy, funny Horror / Comedy, it's pretty good. I recommend Director Shane Hatfield keep his day job.... if he even has one.... Todd Sheets produced this, and I was expecting more gore after seeing Zombie Bloodbath, but there isn't much. They make up for it with some of the craziest dialog in movie history. Lookout HG Lewis and Ed Wood... A new travesty has been born!!! Rent it if you can... or just re-rent "Subspecies."
Pamela Weddle-Cooper - Vampire Diary Online


Available through Englewood Entertainment, Unrated, 110 Min.
Reviewed by Paul Hellerman

It's rare when you can find a shot-on-video flick that makes you enjoy it. Moonchild, though by no means an award winner or a "Star Wars, " is a good little movie with an original script, several great ideas, Good effects, Great music and competent, professional acting. The music amazes me, coming across like a John Williams/Danny Elfman hybrid. I have heard big budget movies with soundtracks that cannot touch this one!!!

The story is complicated, but here's a brief run down: Jacob Stryker is the hero and he has escaped form an outpost where he was held prisoner by the evil Lothos, leader of a group of evil guys called the Sodality. Lothos has also captured Jacob's son, but split them up and moved the kid to an outpost far away. Jacob runs into a group of rebels led by Kathleen McSeeney and they all go after his kid. But Jacob was experimented upon while a prisoner and his genes were spliced with a wolf, making him a werewolf of sorts. His son is also a hybrid, only even more so. The child's blood could cure diseases that plague the land. One other problem is that Jacob has a bomb sewn into his intestines that is set to explode in 72 hours after he leaves the compound and it is activated. Crazy!!!

Jacob is being tracked by some crazy bounty hunters, all with their own personality and special tricks and weapons. Also, the RULER of the Sodality is Kronos, a huge demon guy who Jacob must fight in a one on one to win.

Lots of explosions, fight scenes and effects work and a fast pace keep this one going. Despite the budget, director Todd Sheets makes this look excellent and keeps the audience entertained throughout. I actually forgot I was watching a shot-on-video film and that is a big accomplishment! I found it at Movie Gallery here in Centralia, so I know it's out there... hunt it down and watch it, you'll be glad you did.
- VIDEO JUNKIE, Submitted to Extreme Entertainment web site

Mike S. (  -   IMDB
Pearland, Texas

Date: 14 February 2000
Summary: A great little low-budget wonder.

Ah, the proclaimed "Prine of Gore" Todd Sheets strikes once again, with this fun--and extremely gory--little flick that pits a good cop against a gang of evil demons called "The Breeders" who are intent on taking over the world by using a hallucinogenic drug to enslave the humans. The good guys--a cop, his young daughter, and his partner--are worth rooting for, and you'll definitely have a good time with this one. One of the best cheapie video productions I've seen. Todd Sheets rocks!

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