Chris Weisbach was born August 13th 1966 in New London Connecticut. 


Being raised in Kansas City, MO Chris started his interest in paranormal subject matter at an early age and quickly discovered a gift prophetic dreaming. Encouraged by this ability Chris took an interest in tarot and occult study and has studied the subject for 30 years.


As an early teen Chris further developed this skill and expanded his experience to public readings and local physic fairs.  Chris met Todd while both attended North Kansas City High School and they became fast friends, eventually bonding as brothers, growing up together.  Their adventures have become legend in Kansas City....


Chris has also worked extensively in the field of UFOlogy and joined MUFON in the early 90ís. In addition Chris worked for a period of time with the famed UFO crash retrieval investigator Leonard Stringfield prior to his death in 1994.
Chris also has an avid interest in astronomy and geology and lives with his wife (Becky) and children in Kansas City, MO.

If you have a book suggestion, or would like to schedule an on air tarot reading, contact Chris at