Hugh has been interested in the paranormal for a long time. He's been doing paranormal investigations since 2001, and really enjoy visiting new locations, and re-visiting known haunted locations. He was leader of a Kansas City Paranormal Group for a while and there he met Todd.  The two found that they had similar ideas about the Paranormal and a friendship was struck.  Hugh joined Nightwatchers after leaving the other group and began to do extensive work in both research and investigation, and after being a guest on the show several times, Todd asked him to join in on the fun as a co-host.  The rest is history.


Hugh is also interested in UFOs (since he had an experience in Scotland when he was young), and everything else paranormal. Hugh finds it really interesting interviewing people and learning new things and having fun doing it as well.


HIs favorite quote:  Gotta love the paranormal... Spook to you later!

If you have a book suggestion, or would like to talk about UFOS or Nessie, contact Hugh at