Welcome to the Nightwatch News page… here we will be giving you updates and special announcements for the show.


NIGHTWATCH will be moving into a new studio soon, we are in the process of building it now and are very excited!  Julie V will continue on as the booking agent for guests on the show, as well as stepping into full Producer capacity.  She has been Associate Producer until the move.  Stepping into the vacant Associate Producer slot is Amanda H.  She will be helping with technical aspects of the show, including Chatroom interaction, and now the show will be more interactive than it ever has been before!  People in chat will be able to get questions to the guests and listeners will even be able to call in and talk to hosts Todd and Hugh, and also ask questions for the guests.


In addition to this, Nightwatch is now offering Ads for our websites to a few lucky groups and companies at just INCREDIBLE low rates.  For more information, contact Julie V.


Affiliates will get more exposure than ever with the new studio and we request any affiliates e-mail Amanda your new bumpers, station commercials and graphics by clicking HERE.


Also, new affiliates and old, there is a new streaming host that seems to be more stable than in the past.  You can get that information by clicking HERE.


Thank you to all of you for your support and your friendship.  It is appreciated.  Without all of you, there would be no NIGHTWATCH.  YOU are the reason we do this show!


If you would like to meet host Todd Sheets and actually INVESTIGATE the Paranormal with him, it’s easy – he will be attending almost all of the Nightwatchers Events in 2009.  Go to or click HERE for more info!


Check back for more news…..