Nightwatchers Mission Statement


OK - I have already written about this in a few areas - but I still get some questions, so this little letter here will answer all of these, I hope.  First of all - what is Nightwatchers?  Well - it all started about 9 months ago when I realized how many letters or messages I get a week asking how to get into this or how to find  a group - some people had groups that burned them or were inactive.  Some people had groups that had disbanded and were no more.  Some were older investigators who just didn’t like some of the exposure that groups seek.  Anyway, these letters made me think - wouldn't it be cool to have a place where ANYONE could go and do some investigations and share info.  I talked to guests about it.  I talked to groups about it.  Everyone said how cool it would be.  No one had thought of it or if they did, had not DONE it.  A true huge, nation-wide Paranormal Group for people to be a part of that would be pro-active and positive and supportive.


Many letters asked how small groups or individuals could get into locations to study and investigate without a larger group with an established name.  Now they can.  Now all of this is possible.  The Nightwatchers is for YOU.  All of YOU.  Some have said "I want to join but I am part of this group and can't."  WHY NOT???  The whole GROUP can join!!!  This is about UNITY.  About sharing information, learning together and working together in the field and online!!!  This is NOT about stepping on anyone's toes.  It is NOT about hurting a group - or taking away from a group - BUT - it is about giving YOUR GROUP more resources, more strength and more power to get the places you want!!!


Also - we are doing special trips to MAJOR haunted locations - these are real INVESTIGATIONS, not conventions, not retreats - we leave that to the experts - these are INVESTIGATIONS - and while Nightwatchers is free and does indeed have many free investigations, some larger places like Waverly Hills and such do require that each person pay a fee to investigate there.  When the Nightwatchers do investigations, some of these places will give us a discount like the great LEMP Mansion did - while some just ask for a straight per person fee - EVERYONE pays the same - NO ONE gets in for free, not even ME.  And there will be no major upcharge of any kind.  You will be charged what I am quoted and not double or sometimes triple what the fee is.  I would like to do all investigations for free, but I cannot.  It just doesn’t work that way.  AND know this - I am still very active in helping promote retreats and conventions and this is in NO WAY meant to over-shadow or hurt those in any way.  As a matter of fact - our investigations are always LIMITED!!!


Do not ever be afraid to speak openly here - never fear ridicule or anger - we are a family and it's OK to disagree....

THIS is all about COMMUNITY -

So if someone signs up but does not drop in at all or does not even say Hello - it's like someone buying a house in our Community but never moving in!!! Kind of a waste really. But sad mostly - cuz they are losing all of this - strength in numbers - power to YOU, the people!

We at Nightwatchers are committed to:


Providing each other with support and an area to speak freely and without fear of ridicule.

Provide better understanding of tools and techniques used in Ghost Investigations

Provide a strong community of people who investigate areas all over the USA

Provide both large and small locations to investigate all over the USA

To help connect groups and people from the same area to go to locations and investigate

To provide areas where you can post evidence and get honest opinions without fear of attacks.

To provide areas where you can post and find links to locations for investigations in your area as well as finding online Paranormal resources!  


To ALWAYS conduct ourselves in a professional and friendly manner to locations and to each other – to remain respectful to people and property and to always handle everything we do with integrity, honestly and honor!!!! 

Help people who are experiencing paranormal activity FREE of charge - ALWAYS.  Look for evidence of paranormal activity and Educate the general public about paranormal phenomenon in our communities.

Always handle the field with logic, tolerance and integrity.  To always be open as individuals to new ideas and new evidence.. To learn and grow together as a community seeking answers in the realm of the Paranormal!


Most of all HAVE FUN and be PRODUCTIVE and help each other - this is YOUR COMMUNITY - make it the best it can be!!!



As a member of THIS community, you have more clout than you may realize. It's just a matter of standing up and making your voice heard! Be patient and kind to each other at all times and keep up the good work with how you welcome new people - joining a community this large can be intimidating at first, but this group always makes it so easy to fit right in!!! Good going!!!

Keep promoting Nightwatchers in the way you are all doing it so far - don't pester or beg or bother - just nudge gently - hehehe - let you friends and other groups know that there is an alternative and right now as the field of the Paranormal seems to be growing petty and more and more back-stabbing and nit-picking and insane gossip grows - this community needs to stand taller, stronger and louder that we are FREE of that horse crap! We are the future of Paranormal Investigation dammit - and no one can stop us!!!