Doing the Nightwatchers Events has been an incredible thing for so many of us, and we want to continue doing them! To those of you who always offer support and loyalty, Thank you. It is appreciated. People say I am the "Nicest Guy In The Paranormal" and I truly try to be. I try and treat people the way I want to be treated. I truly care about people and want to help them... but I will NOT sit here and be kicked over and over. And it is not easy to get to the investigations for me either... people forget I pay the same things they do. I pay for flights, hotels, food AND my admission as well. It is actually very easy how this works - we put up the event is going on and add a spot in our form to send in an invoice request - once we have it and send an invoice, you get a reserved spot. In teh past, we had unlimited time - now we usually have either a 30 day or 45 day pay period. The reason? People held spots and never paid or showed up.

If we rent an entire location for 3700 dollars and split it by 22 people, then 7 don't show - guess who pays for them? We do. Out of pocket. So we had to add the 30 or 45 day pay policy. The few A-Holes out there ruin it for the Many. But still people do it. And here's the deal - if only 22 people can go, and you sign up and you have 5 spots held, and it gets full - people start getting turned away. And if you don't pay, not only do we pay your spots, but those other people who would have gladly taken those spots are screwed over too! They did not get to go and investigate! Overall - we have done 23 investigations this year and this has happened only about 17% of the time - but that number adds up real quick when you are talking hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. I have explained it.

I finally had the last straw this Fall when a guy signed up for St Augustine - he lived about 80 mins away. He signed up 20 days before the event. He said got paid a few days before. About 4 days later another group of 3 from Orlando wanted to go. So I contacted that first group to make sure and explained the situation and that I had been burned. Promises were flying. Guess what - group 2 did not get to go and group one was a no show. I paid 5 spots at 135 bucks each - and also I had to pay Buddy Helm who flew from Los Angeles to Orlando and they screwed him over too! Hell 8 people failed to show for the Dolphin event and I am paying Buddy for it and his time.   So please understand why this page exsists.  So I have hit my last resort - maybe these people will stop burning innocent people if they are exposed!  And it is so easy to avoid this - We are the easiest people to work with.  Just call or write and say you can't go.  No worries.  Then I can give those spots to other people who really want them.  Life happens - we understand it.  You sign up and lose a job?  No worries...  just say so!  We have no problem with anyone who needs to cancel - just be honest and have the good grace to let us know - do the right thing!  To the other 93% who make each event a pleasure - Thank you!  NOTE:  If you want your name remobed from the list - email us at to work it out.



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Deb Giglio ( Birdcage – Mortuary - Leslie  Braverman – Alisha Webster – Mystery manor

james byron chatham ( Birdcage

Dan and Stacy Grubisch – Birdcage

Troy - – ST Augustine

Patricia Johnson ( – Dolphin Cruise - Stanley

pamela esper ( – Stanley

kelsey crider ( – Birdcage Theater - kelsea walker and nichalas crider - Marla Tamm and Aleena Garcia – Birdcage
Jessica Seda-Ruiz -

KARI MORRISON  - - Mortuary

Kim Anderson – St Augustine plus many others!  Repeat Deadbeat!
Josh Whitaker - – Various Events

samantha scioneaux - - Mortuary - Laura Bufkin / HubCity Paranormal – Mortuary

Justin Downey, Anthony Morris and laura Harless -  - MT
Jennifer Becker – Mortuary

Jason Foley - – Mifflin*
kevin whaley – Prospect Place

Jennifer Nichols - – St Augustine
Kathryn Stoughton - – St Augustine

Brian Edwards - - Birdcage

Della martin – St Augustine, Mortuary, Myrtles, Rolling Hills, Buffalo Terminal

Joslynne Johnson - – St Augustine

Bill Martin – – St Augustine (5 PEOPLE!)

Dina Chirico & Elaine Macula - – Rolling Hills

Patrick Dicke and Jennifer Torres  - – Buffalo Central

Midwest Streaming – charged us for a service we could never use!  Thanks!

matthew doney and jack ahart - – Shanley Hotel, RH

Amy Holderman and Justin Spires - – Prospect Place

Chris Laker - – Prospect Place

David Grohusko - – Rolling Hills

Julienne Scheibe - – Waverly Hills 

Adam Barnett - – Waverly Hills

Adrienne Bortree  - – Rolling Hills

michael baumert and jason sellers – – St Augustine

Chris Dedman and Michael Higdon - – Waverly Hills

Lisa Corrigan (plus 3)  - CORRIGAN_LISA@HOTMAIL.COM – Waverly Hills

Nina Depietro and Chris Monske – – Prospect Place

michael laudenslager - – Prospect Place / Others

Michael Arrasmith - – Salem / Prospect Place

Matt Donnelly and Lisa Pappas - – Yorktown
Rhonda,  Chet and Chad Johnson - – Rolling Hills

Mandi Sobieski - – Prospect Place

leah lackman - – Eastern State Penn

Genea – – Yorktown Hospital

Mike Richard - – DVDs / Various Events

Sonya, Trisha, Jeff and Lori Davis - – Birdcage Theater

john and charlene simmons - – Birdcage

Monica Landry - – Yorktown

This is a fast list from the last 9 Months - Most of them have signed up for 2-4 people each, some of these names signed up for multiple locations.  And this is also not a complete list as I did not do major digging - but we will be adding to this list as we find more and more people.  Please do not be offended or misunderstand.  This was a VERY long time coming and it hurts me to need to do it.  93% of all people who sign up have no problems, but the remaining people have made it hard for us all.  I have been doing this for 3 years and after 3 years and getting taken for thousands of dollars, I think anybody would be frustrated, angry and pushed too far.  I mean seriously... all I am trying to do is HELP people and provide a cheap, fun service for all of us.  What would YOU do after losing thousands of dollars out of pocket just because people cannot communicate a simple message - "Sorry guys, life is hard and we cannot go right now."  That is all we ask.  Then we would go - NO WORRIES.  What would YOU do?  This is my last resort, my last hope that maybe people wil stop ripping us off - please do NOT let this stop you from signing up or joining us - no one will be added to this list unless we send several e-mails and you refuse to answer, or unless you reserve spots and ignore us afterwards.  It pains me to even do this list.  But when a person reserves spots and does not pay, not only does it cost us money out of pocket, it ruins the chances of others to enjoy an investigation - so you hurt many people by just being selfish and not writing or calling us.






NOTICE - if any "celebrities" are appearing at any NIGHTWATCHERS event, please realize that they have either asked to be a part of the event, or they are our friends and wanted to join us.  We do not pay celebrities and we do not make large profit from our events.  If the celebrity guests have TV filiming schedule changes, or if they get a paying film gig, they may very well take the paying gig and therefore may not be at the event.  If you are coming JUST to meet celebrities, I suggest doing conventions or special conferences that are designed for this purpose.  Our main purpose is to do Paranormral Investigating.  Thank you!