Nightwatchers are the BEST group there is - and to prove it, here are some reviews of investigations from our members!

"I went to my first NW investigation last Nov. Someone told me about NW and told me they were going to Myrtle's I ran over here as fast as I could and signed up immediately. I went to that investigation without having had time to read the forums or getting to know the people here. I litterally knew noone! My husband and I arrived and were greated with open arms and taken right in by the most awsome people!!!! It was one of the most positive experiences I could have dreamed of having!! We had some really awsome paranormal experiences but I have to say meeting the great people that make up NW was incredible!! And Todd, you know we love you to death!! You are an awsome person and I appreciate all that you do! You do Rawk!!! I can't wait to join in the Waverly investigation!!!" - Miss M

"I think I am the record holder for the most Nightwatchers investigations attended so far, so  I speak from experience when I say the trips are very well planned and organized.  Not to mention, they are a TON OF FUN!!!" - Callea Seck

"Todd, it is an extreme honor and a privilege to know you and  NightWatchers.
What you have done in the name of unity should be the protocol for the entire
paranormal community. Hell, let's just say it should be the protocol
for the entire planet. Personally, I thought we were just doing
what we were supposed to be doing at Waverly. What did we do
that was so right for them to give us the high praises &
compliments that they gave us? I thought we were just being
adults & doing what we all love to do. It makes me wonder what
the hell goes on there when other groups investigate
. "  -  Audrey

" I have been to:

Lemp Mansion
Stanley hotel
The myrtles plantation
And Villisca
And put together the Jailhouse investigation  
And am down for many more in the future

I will also vouch that these are great investigations and Todd rawks.. "  -  Kari M