Nightwatchers is first and foremost a group dedicated to investigating the Paranormal in it's many forms and to have fun while doing it!  Too many rules spoil a group, so we just have a few simple ones.

1)  No drinking of alcohol during or before an investigation.

2)  No illegal drug usage on or before an investigation and people caught with drugs will be banned.

3)  Be mindful of others, trying to talk in very soft, hushed tones so everyone can get great EVPs!

4)  Be respectful of the location we are investigating and treat it like you would home, or even better.

5)  If you sign up for an investigation, please don't back out at the last minute.  It hurts us all and costs money out of my pocket.

6)  If you want to bring family or you have sonmeone drive you, contact us and let us know IN ADVANCE please.

7)  Respect other people and their opinions.  Keep things positive.  You don'y need to agree, just respect each other.

8)  Do not take ANYTHING from a location without permission of the owner.

That's it!  That's all of our "tough" rules.  I look forward to having you on an investigation very soon!